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Widow’s Jar Ministries

Widow’s Jar Ministries is a charity created to provide needed supplies, services and funds to Gospel-preaching missionaries around the world, and to encourage Christians to participate in this ministry through the donation of funds, goods and services.


Widow's Jar

They have Mission Warehouse located in Indianapolis containing 26,000 square feet of space, which includes 6000 sq ft of top-quality donated items available for missionaries.

In 2014, they serviced 53 different mission works and hosted several groups from local mission conferences.

A sample of their inventory can be found here.

TealBrook Filters

Bro. Ashbury uses filters from TealBrook for his ministry in Malawai. They provide a missionary discount on the products and will work with you to ship products overseas. Before you leave, they can help you learn about the water conditions in that area and teach you about the best water filtration devices for your situation. Even if you are already on the field and are experiencing water difficulties, TealBrook can aid you to find a solution that will work for you.

From the website: TealBrook offers the most current technology available since our founding in 1991; tested and certified to solve your unique water challenges no matter where in the world you need to use a local source of water.

Our goal is to provide a superior customer experience whether you are a non-profit organization serving in Turkmenistan, the leader of a relief organization fighting a Cholera outbreak, or a multinational corporation that needs to keep a worldwide workforce healthy with a safe source of water.

The demand for safe drinking water throughout the world will increase dramatically in the years ahead. Unfortunately, the short-term solution seems to be purchasing and transporting expensive and bulky bottled water. This expensive, and often unsustainable solution, contributes daily to a sea of waste in countries and provinces that have no disposal or recycling program in place. TealBrook offers a sustainable solution that uses local water sources for pennies per gallon. Let us help you solve your water challenge.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.tealbrook.com

Phone: 877-227-8890

Email: info@tealbrook.com

Christian Curriculum

Western Christian Academy

Are you the parent of a school-aged child looking for a more flexible schooling program? Western Christian Academy may be the choice for you! This online program is designed to have certain unique characteristics, such as: open enrollment for your child to start at any time during the year, personalized curriculum chosen for each student based on placement tests, and discounted tuition for those in ministry, military, or homes with multiple students. These are just some highlights of the wonderful program at WCA. WCA states they have a Christian worldview and a firm stand on the Word of God which they believe are the most important aspects of the school and its programs. If you wish to learn more about Western Christian Academy, please reference the contact information below.

Website: www.westernchristianacademy.com
Email: wca@westernchristianacademy.com
Phone: 866-295-3774 or 800-868-5839

SIM Cards

A Global SIM for Missionaries

OneSimCard also offers free incoming SMS text messages worldwide and data services in 160+countries, plus it provides a primary European phone number and an additional US phone number and reportedly works in all unlocked GSM phones. For more information check out the OneSimCard website at: http://www.onesimcard.com

Shipping Boxes

Solving the Proverbial Problem of Shipping Purchased Goods to your Field of Service

You know the routine. The fine print states they won’t ship to your mission field. Boxhop allows you to order your item and have it shipped to an address in Illinois. The Boxhop people take it from there.

Stack of Books

Reading Resources for Missionaries

John O’Malley has found this site to be helpful for missionaries: http://www.missionarycare.com/ebook.htm.


TntMPD – Free Program for Managing Your Ministry Partners

“TntMPD is a free program for managing your relationships with your ministry partners.  Although anyone might find it useful, it is designed specifically for missionaries who raise their own support. The hope in sharing TntMPD with you is that you, a fellow missionary, will have more time to do what God has called you to do.


Shipping Boxes

Humanitarian Shipping Resource

The Denton Amendment is a U.S. military program that offers shipping of humanitarian goods and vehicles. The individual is responsible for all applications and the transportation of your goods to the shipping locations. This program will not ship Gospel literature. Since it is a government program, there will be many restrictions, standby lists, long waits, and forms to complete.

Resources for Missionaries

Helpful Site for Further Missionary Resources

Click here to view more helpful missionary resources from missionarystories.tv.


Dress Shirts for a Donation

Marsha Edhegard and Naomi Fried shared a passion for helping preachers. Their ministry offers dress shirts for a donation toward shipping and handling.