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Widow’s Jar Ministries

Widow’s Jar Ministries is a charity created to provide needed supplies, services and funds to Gospel-preaching missionaries around the world, and to encourage Christians to participate in this ministry through the donation of funds, goods and services.


Widow's Jar

They have Mission Warehouse located in Indianapolis containing 26,000 square feet of space, which includes 6000 sq ft of top-quality donated items available for missionaries.

In 2014, they serviced 53 different mission works and hosted several groups from local mission conferences.

A sample of their inventory can be found here.

Shipping Boxes

Humanitarian Shipping Resource

The Denton Amendment is a U.S. military program that offers shipping of humanitarian goods and vehicles. The individual is responsible for all applications and the transportation of your goods to the shipping locations. This program will not ship Gospel literature. Since it is a government program, there will be many restrictions, standby lists, long waits, and forms to complete.

Resources for Missionaries

Helpful Site for Further Missionary Resources

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