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Helpful Article about Missionary Websites

Are you thinking about creating a website for your ministry? This article here, written by Adam Young, is a helpful article with some tips about some things you need to create one. It also includes a lesson from Jeremy Lofgren, who works with the media department at Lancaster Baptist Church, about building a church website.

Man Writing

Article With Prayer Letter Tips

Pastor Fred Daniel and Pastor Tim Daniel help teach prayer letter classes for WW missionaries. Pastor Fred Daniel found this article called 13 Types of Missionary Newsletters We Should stop Writing  written by Amy Walters. He thoughtfully sent it to us and we thought to share it with you.

SIM Cards

A Global SIM for Missionaries

OneSimCard also offers free incoming SMS text messages worldwide and data services in 160+countries, plus it provides a primary European phone number and an additional US phone number and reportedly works in all unlocked GSM phones. For more information check out the OneSimCard website at: http://www.onesimcard.com


Grammarly.com: Check Any Document At Anytime

Every missionary will communicate by writing. Grammarly.com aids your writing by checking your grammar. WWNTBM offers a grammar service in our prayer letter department. However, this service allows you to check any document at anytime. There is a seven-day trial available to you.

Apostello Designs

Graphic Design for Missionaries: Introducing Apostello Design

Apostello DesignsOccasionally, we are approached by graphic designers who want to assist our missionaries with their graphic design needs.

Mr. Nathaniel Brown is a designer whose Brother serves with WW. If you are in need of graphic design work please consider him.

Email Regarding Ministry

Responding to Emails

Missionary Gayle Alford wrote in as a suggestion:

“Occasionally, we will get emails (either people we know from a church that supports us (like kids in Awanas, etc.) or complete strangers who found us on the internet with questions about our mission country-many times for a report they are doing.