My First Ninety Days: Nikki Brown in Cambodia

From the Wife’s Perspective: Our first three months on the field are somewhat of a blur now, but yet I believe them to have been a very vital part of our continuing ministry. While emotions are still running high from walking away from family and friends, a new reality begins to set in on the Read More

My First Ninety Days: Ernie Wyrick in Alaska

Here is a little of my heart, I hope there something you can use. I could go on and on about God’s goodness and mercy. Nancy and I can remember when we first arrived in Russia. When we first arrived we can remember being questioned like spies on the airplane and the security guards kept Read More

My First Ninety Days: Dalton Heath

1. Get the family settled in to your living quarters comfortably and as completely as possible. 2. If there is already an established work- be regular in attendance- even if you do not know the language. 3. If there is another Missionary there, after the home is set-up, follow him around and begin meeting the Read More

My First Ninety Days: Elsa Ramirez in Mexico

For whatever this is worth…since I have been in many different mission fields, here is my contribution: 1. All my fears were already taken care in prayer before I arrived in the mission fields. The Lord had already even given me precious promises as an answer to those fears. Perhaps I had met some missionaries Read More

My First Ninety Days: Roger Bergman in Spain

One of the best things we can do in the ministry is to recall God’s call- every day, if necessary. WE will not conquer the world in a day. WE will not reach our community in a week, or even in a year. Only God can do what God can do, and yet He chose Read More

My First Ninety Days: Cynthia Dickens in Brazil

In some ways, it’s hard for me to remember everything that felt new and that challenged us in our first months here; because so much of it has become commonplace now. But there are a few things that stick out in my memory. We arrived in the northeastern state of Pernambuco, Brazil (specifically, the city Read More

My First Ninety Days: Bill Ashbury in Malawi

I. Help Your Wife And Your Children Feel Comfortable In Their New Home. Going to a new mission field can be very exciting for the man, but it can be avery fearful place for your wife and your children. It’s very difficult for your wife to leave her family, her friends, and her comfort zones Read More

My First Ninety Days: David Preston in Utah

Our first three months consisted of getting our home organized and assisting in the ministry of the mission church that we had agreed to work with our first year on the field. Fortunately, we only had to stay for six months before we began our current church plant. Once again we began the initial process Read More

My First Ninety Days: Elwood Hurst in Majuro & Guam

After 36 years it is not really clear to us what happened our first three months in Majuro and then almost 24 years ago here on Guam. Majuro: All of our possessions that went to the field with us were shipped by US Postal service. This meant that we had boxes waiting for us. Thankfully, Read More