Stack of Books

Reading Resources for Missionaries

John O’Malley has found this site to be helpful for missionaries:

He uses this site to research topics such as:

  • Missionary Member Care: An Introduction
  • What Missionaries Ought to Know
  • Missionary Marriage Issues
  • Missionary Singles Issues
  • Missionaries and Bribes
  • Bribery and the Bible
  • Psychology for Missionaries
  • Understanding Adolescence
  • Cultural Creations: Third Culture Kids and Adolescence
  • Raising Resilient MKs
  • Coming Home: The Reentry Transition
  • Before You Come “Home”: Preparing for Reentry
  • We’re Going Home – Reentry for Elementary School Children
  • I Don’t Want to Go Home: Parents Guide for Reentry for Elementary School Children
  • Reentry After Short Term Missionary Service