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Christian Curriculum

Western Christian Academy

Are you the parent of a school-aged child looking for a more flexible schooling program? Western Christian Academy may be the choice for you! This online program is designed to have certain unique characteristics, such as: open enrollment for your child to start at any time during the year, personalized curriculum chosen for each student based on placement tests, and discounted tuition for those in ministry, military, or homes with multiple students. These are just some highlights of the wonderful program at WCA. WCA states they have a Christian worldview and a firm stand on the Word of God which they believe are the most important aspects of the school and its programs. If you wish to learn more about Western Christian Academy, please reference the contact information below.

Website: www.westernchristianacademy.com
Email: wca@westernchristianacademy.com
Phone: 866-295-3774 or 800-868-5839