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Missions to Missions Facilities

Discounted Lodging for Missionaries in Fairfield Glade, TN

Missions to Missionaries is located in Fairfield Glade, TN. Missions to Missionaries is a retreat center also called EdenRidge. Their vision at EdenRidge is to provide missionaries with a retreat center just for them where money is not a factor.

Missionaries can reserve cabins for a discounted rate. Click here to make a reservation or learn more about making a reservation.

Travel Documents

Travelers Tip from John O’Malley

Often I am asked where can I quickly get a visa or passport. I have used Travel the World Visas for many years. I have received US passports and Visas for groups of travelers in one day. There are fees for these services. But, if life comes at you fast, you can still get things done quickly. Bridgett is our contact, but, any of her agents can help you. Click here for their contact information.

TSA Logo

New TSA Regulations for Travelers Inbound to the USA 

If you’re flying to the US from your field of service be prepared for this new TSA change. You will have to have your electronic devices powered on to demonstrate it works before boarding. If it doesn’t power on you may have to leave it. You can read more about it here.

British Airways

British Airways – Frequent Miles for Yourself and WWNTBM

British Airways offers a program which allows you to earn miles for yourself and for us. When booking your flight, or a flight you have taken in the last four months, you give British Air your frequent flyer number, then you give them our number: 049447US. They will credit us both for your miles.


Reduced Missionary Airfare

Brother Keith Klaus shared with us that they saved $400 per ticket including three free checked bags by using http://economytravel.com.

Travel Planning?

Each of us have travel plans to make for our ministries. Have you seen this travel tool?  http://www.hipmunk.com