My First Ninety Days: David Preston in Utah

Preston - FFW13Our first three months consisted of getting our home organized and assisting in the ministry of the mission church that we had agreed to work with our first year on the field. Fortunately, we only had to stay for six months before we began our current church plant. Once again we began the initial process of getting settled into our new home and began going door-to-door ministry. If a missionary is married and especially with children it is important to get them well-established in the home before beginning an all-out work in the community. This doesn’t mean one sits idle but the family’s stability should not be neglected and may take more time than the first three months depending on the condition of the house one rents or purchases; renovations may need to take place in order to make the home comfortable for the family there is plenty of time to get into the full swing of the work once that is accomplished.

David Preston

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