Evangelical Christian Credit Union

ECCU is a credit union designed to assist those in ministry. They offer accounts and banking services that may be beneficial to you. Our office has accounts with them, as do several of our missionaries. Read More

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Article With Prayer Letter Tips

Pastor Fred Daniel and Pastor Tim Daniel help teach prayer letter classes for WW missionaries. Pastor Fred Daniel found this article called 13 Types of Missionary Newsletters We Should stop Writing  written by Amy Walters. He thoughtfully sent it to us and we thought to share it with you. Read More

Travel Documents

Travelers Tip from John O’Malley

Often I am asked where can I quickly get a visa or passport. I have used Travel the World Visas for many years. I have received US passports and Visas for groups of travelers in one day. There are fees for these services. But, if life comes at you fast, you can still get things done quickly. Bridgett is Read More

SIM Cards

A Global SIM for Missionaries

OneSimCard also offers free incoming SMS text messages worldwide and data services in 160+countries, plus it provides a primary European phone number and an additional US phone number and reportedly works in all unlocked GSM phones. For more information check out the OneSimCard website at: Read More

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New TSA Regulations for Travelers Inbound to the USA 

If you’re flying to the US from your field of service be prepared for this new TSA change. You will have to have your electronic devices powered on to demonstrate it works before boarding. If it doesn’t power on you may have to leave it. You can read more about it here. Read More

British Airways

British Airways – Frequent Miles for Yourself and WWNTBM

British Airways offers a program which allows you to earn miles for yourself and for us. When booking your flight, or a flight you have taken in the last four months, you give British Air your frequent flyer number, then you give them our number: 049447US. They will credit us both for your miles. Read More

Book Recommendation for Missionary Parents

Your calling to serve placed you and your family in another culture.  This book: Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile treats how to work with your children who are a blend of cultures. It is worth reading to help you now or to help you prepare for when your children are grown. Read More

Writting Check Any Document At Anytime

Every missionary will communicate by writing. aids your writing by checking your grammar. WWNTBM offers a grammar service in our prayer letter department. However, this service allows you to check any document at anytime. There is a seven-day trial available to you. Read More

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