Resources for Teaching English as a Second Language

From the IDELT Online Website:

“The IDELT Online (International Diploma in English Language Teaching Online) is Bridge’s newest and most innovative distance- learning solution for teachers who are not able to attend a traditional in-class course. This 140 hour course provides teachers with online delivery of content covering the latest developments in the ELT field, accompanied by interactive activities and discussion with other members of your class. As an IDELT Online student, you will follow a 12- week schedule, completing assignments, projects, and activities in tandem with the other students in your course. The online content is complemented by live lectures and workshops delivered by one of our expert trainers via video- conference. You can also receive graduate school credit from the University of Northern Colorado for completing the program.”

Excerpt from ABeka ESL Website:

ABeka offers six month and twelve month subscriptions to their English As a Second Language program.
“The purpose of A Beka ESL is to give each learner all the important tools needed to read and speak the English language. Stories will also be taught, giving each learner additional opportunity to hear and learn the English language while learning English vocabulary. With this solid foundation, the learner can use English in any situation.”

From Missionary Julia Klaus:

I teach English here in Germany at the community college. I teach two regular classes and two conversation classes. It is a great way to meet new people and build relationships. Although my classes are not “religious,” I have had many opportunities to start a discussion about topics that are faith related, especially around holidays. For the conversation classes, the topic for each lesson is completely up to me. In the breaks between classes, I invite my students to our “coffee evening” (we meet for a casual evening once a month at a coffee house as a kind of meet-and-greet) which we then have in English. Many have come. As for training, I have a degree in elementary education, so the community college required no other training.

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