Teaching English as a Second Language Course

God has always provided a road on which the Gospel can travel—no matter how difficult a nation may appear to enter. In our modern world of heightened security and suspicions, it can be daunting to secure a visa to get in and stay in our fields of service. God is always previous, however, and has provided a way that you can not only get into almost any nation (all but three from our last count), but also be begged to come and sometimes paid to be in any nation! This provision comes in your native tongue—a language we often take for granted.

English is highly sought after—not just because it is the most widely spoken and written language in the world—but because over half of the scientific and technical journals, three-quarters of the world’s mail and electronic communications, and 80% of the information stored on computers are in English. In short, English is the language of economic development. Because of this, the world pleads for English teachers.

At Crown College of the Bible in Powell, Tennessee, they can equip you with internationally recognized certificates to teach English to speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or Structured Literacy. It is their desire to help missionaries preparing for the field to get this certification quickly and easily. In just 8 weeks this summer, you can earn your TESOL certification by completing courses on different teaching methods, choosing the right curriculum, and using the Word of God as your English Textbook. You will have opportunities to student teach and practice what you learn. The Lord is already using our graduates with this certification around the world—including many creative access nations.

Perhaps you do not foresee your field becoming difficult for you to access. Obtaining one of these certifications can still open doors for you. We have graduates using these certifications in the United Kingdom to reach many of the Muslim immigrants coming into the nation. A church has recently been planted through these efforts! Still other graduates are using them in the United States to teach literacy in public schools every week or reach the many immigrants looking to succeed in our own nation.

Why not prayerfully consider earning one of these certifications this summer and advancing the gospel to non-native English speakers? Classes begin May 8th. Contact Crown College at 865.938.8186 or pollie.deeringer@thecrowncollege.edu for more information.

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