Missions and Mental Health Resources

Ron and Bonnie Koteskey have a burden to help missionaries and provide care services to assist them. Their website, missionarycare.com, is filled with resources they have compiled for this purpose.

From their website:

“We are not licensed health care professionals, but we emphasize care, encouragement, growth, and prevention of problems rather than treatment of severe problems. We provide such care to anyone, anytime, and anywhere at no charge for our time, usually providing our own transportation to the nearest airport and asking that those we are helping provide ground transportation, lodging, and food.

On this site you will find several series of “brochures” on topics of interest to missionaries. You can read these brochures here online, you can download them in various formats (we recommend the pdf format), load them on a Kindle or other e-reader. For some of the sets of brochures, you can download the entire series in an e-book.”

These brochures include information on third-culture kids, marriage, singleness, mental health, stress, adjusting to various cultures, anxiety, burn out, interaction with others, and more.


As always, WWNTBM does not necessarily endorse everything on missionarycare.com. Please use your discretion. 

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