Missionary Kids Camp

The Wilds, together with their CampsAbroad ministry, is excited to announce a missionary kids camp for this summer, August 16-21, 2021. Read more from Matt Collier below and click here to learn more.

For 20 years CampsAbroad has served missionaries and national pastors all over the world. God has blessed this ministry, and we have seen camps established in more than 50 countries for effective ministry to teens. National leaders all over the world are continuing to see the value of camp in their communities.

Working closely with missionaries in the field has fostered among the CampsAbroad team a desire to serve missionary families—and their teens in particular. Young people growing up as “third culture kids” face some unique challenges because of God’s calling on their families’ lives. And yet with those challenges come unique opportunities as well—opportunities that God wants to use for His glory.

Over the past several years, CampsAbroad has been able to participate in a number of “MK camps” designed especially for third culture kids living in various regions of the world. The response to these camps has been extremely positive, both from parents and the teens themselves. These camps feature speakers who understand the joys and challenges of growing up in multiple cultures. Additionally, the teens are able to connect with peers and adults who share similar backgrounds and experiences, creating an immediate bond of friendship.

With all of the travel disruptions and changed plans this past year, we are taking this opportunity to host an MK camp stateside this summer, August 16-21, at The Wilds in North Carolina. If you have contact with missionary families with young people between the ages of 13 and 18 who might be interested in this opportunity, would you consider passing the word along to them?

We would be honored if God would allow us to serve your teens with a refreshing week of rejoicing in the truths of God’s Word and enjoying life in Christ together with their peers.

In Christ,
Matt Collier
President, The Wilds

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