Independent Fundamental Baptist Missionary Trails

Have you ever heard a missionary speak about the deputation process?

They might say, “We make thousands of calls, to speak to hundreds of preachers and their assistants, to schedule scores of meetings, so we can drive a hundred thousand miles, so we can leave for the place God called us.”

To some, the process sounds hard, difficult, and filled with disappointment.

You’re right, It can be.

There are no shortcuts to deputation.

Deputation is like running a marathon. You do not just wake up one morning and run 26.2 miles. You need training, practice and a journal to keep track of your progress. In marathons and missions, what you do not measure you cannot improve.

There are no shortcuts to running a marathon. In missions, there are no shortcuts either.

The missionary needs the same three things a marathon runner needs. A missionary needs training, practice, and a journal to measure their progress.

Recently, our agency was given an opportunity to see web-based software made for missionaries.

This software places the three tools in their hands to complete the marathon called Deputation. The software, helps missionaries locate churches, connect with pastors, and track their progress on deputation.

If you know a missionary, they need this tool.

If you’re a Pastor, your missionary needs this tool.

If you are a missionary, you need this tool.

Think about it this way. If a missionary’s calendar, map, things to do list, and monthly financial statement of missionary support were put into a blender, the smoothie you would get is this software.

A lifetime license for this software is $60. The price after the deadline is $137. (See the link below to pre-register for this pricing.)

You can run this marathon without the training, practice and the personal journalling this software provides. But, why not get the tool you need to do the job with efficiency?

This vital tool is available on any Internet-enabled device. I have used it with success on my phone, tablet, and computer.

The registration happens in Facebook Messenger. It’s an interview-style registration.

If you prefer a form on a site use this link.

One more thing, this is a great tool for missionaries. Tell them World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions sent you.

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  • Paul Douglas

    This is a great application for missionaries on deputation all the way to senior missionaries in the field.

    You can track every step of your missions trail. With over 10,000 like-minded churches in the database, and the ability to tag churches that have RV hookup, prophets chamber, KJV only, etc. there is no limit to the data that you can store and recover. Personal notes, public notes, phones numbers, websites, and so much more! We use IFBMT for our Digital Missions Display Ministry and brother Anthony Master is amazingly reachable if you have any questions.

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