DirectLine Ministry

DirectLine Ministry was started in 1999 by Paul and Debbie Deem his response to his burden for helpingĀ missionaries to receive church planting materials in foreign countries.

He writes:

“DirectLine Ministry now has a team of 10 couples and has sent thousands of Bibles and materials to 20 different countries including: the Philippines, Mexico, Honduras, remote Islands in the Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, parts of Africa, India, and Chile.

Here are just a few of the donated items we have shipped to missionaries and national pastors: appliances, hymnals, pulpits, sound equipment, food, hygiene items, new toys, new clothing, teaching materials. Most importantly, we have shipped thousands of Bibles and millions of Scripture booklets and tracts!”

If your ministry could benefit from these services, please contact their office:



  • Kevin Noles

    Hello there my name is Kevin Noles. I am a church planting Missionary serving in Uganda. We are with Prayer Baptist Missions International our sending church is Welcome Baptist Church in Lagrange GA. I have just seen this link to your website. I would be interested in hearing more about the ministry and if we could work together. We are just in the beginning stages here and need almost everything lol. We are currently meeting under a pole structure. My email is, my Skype number is 1 334 219 4221. Thank you.

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