Book Recommendation for Missionary Parents

Your calling to serve placed you and your family in another culture.  This book: Belonging Everywhere and Nowhere: Insights into Counseling the Globally Mobile treats how to work with your children who are a blend of cultures. It is worth reading to help you now or to help you prepare for when your children are grown. Read More

Writting Check Any Document At Anytime

Every missionary will communicate by writing. aids your writing by checking your grammar. WWNTBM offers a grammar service in our prayer letter department. However, this service allows you to check any document at anytime. There is a seven-day trial available to you. Read More

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Shipping Boxes

Humanitarian Shipping Resource

The Denton Amendment is a U.S. military program that offers shipping of humanitarian goods and vehicles. The individual is responsible for all applications and the transportation of your goods to the shipping locations. This program will not ship Gospel literature. Since it is a government program, there will be many restrictions, standby lists, long waits, and forms to complete. Read More

Resources for Missionaries
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