Baptist Bible Translators Institute

You have heard of Baptist Bible Translators Institute, but please do not assume from our name that we only train Bible translators. We do that, but our main emphasis is teaching linguistic and language learning skills to Baptist missionaries, enabling them to learn a language more quickly and without a distracting foreign accent. (Bad accents do not go away with time; we must begin forming new, correct speech habits when learning the first word.) After spending about 220 literal classroom hours studying phonetics and phonemics, our graduates are sound specialists. No missionary should attempt to learn a new language without first studying phonetics!

In September, BBTI will complete 50 years of providing free Advanced Missionary Training to Baptist missionaries. We are good at what we do, and very few in any others do what we do. We have ample land and student housing, competent teachers, and a curriculum designed to equip a missionary to take the Gospel to any language or people group on earth. We are in the buckle of the Bible belt where the missionary can continue his deputation in hundreds of IFB churches while attending classes each day.

Please look at our website. Watch the videos, read the testimonies of our graduates, and contact Rex Cobb with any questions you may have.

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